The Inside Program consists of weekly classes held in Classroom 4 at the Columbia River Correctional Institution. The prison is a minimum security release facility located within the Portland City Limits near the Columbia River. Classes focus on a range of topics related primarily to collaboration, conceptual art, and socially engaged projects.

Participants have to opportunity to engage in collaborative, co-authored projects that range from small, one day activities to sprawling year long undertakings. Past and current projects include a board game based on the Department of Corrections rules and prisoners experiences while incarcerated, an investigative photography project between prisoners and international photographers, and a collaborative film project.

The Artist-in-Residence Program focuses on the framing, context, and conceptual foundation for art, rather than a specific medium such as painting or sculpture. During class each week, residents are able to present work, solicit feedback, host conversations, and generally use the group as a sounding board for ideas.

Visiting artists offer presentations and lectures related to their practices or to current projects within the program.

Each quarter, the program hosts a semi-public talent show to showcase some of the work and create activities that are happening within CRCI.